Chi Gong

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As we can see, Kung Fu isn’t only for personal defence and this extraordinary discipline is really suitable for everybody, even if some people say that to practice Kung Fu you must be in good shape, that is not strictly correct. Until the pupil can develop his own physical form to its highest point, he must first of all know that the base of strength is an inner energetic path that in Chinese is called “Chi”.

We all have this energy since birth. A part of our vital energies comes from the food we eat. The two energies in Chinese are together called “Jen Chi”. This energy is the source of our strength and it feeds our whole body so that we can move.

A gentle system exists which helps to develop this energy through a series of semi static and static exercises related with the breathing, therefore anybody can do them without any problems: this system is called “Chi Gong”. The practice of Chi Gong is essential for Kung Fu, so that the Chinese in ancient times kept this system a secret, and it was handed down to only a few fortunate followers: Chi Gong doesn’t only bring an improvement in strength and physical power, but also of the whole biological system of the human body.

Master Fung is able to amaze his public with an extraordinary exercise of Chi Gong showing his exceptional ability to control his interior energy. Master Fung is able to bend a real spear, which is pointed against his throat, using only the power of his “Chi”.